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The BCA Residential phase (22 weeks) is divided into three stages:
First Stage, Second Stage, and Third Stage.


FIRST STAGE (Weeks 1 thru 2) 

This is the acclimation stage of the program. You will learn the military model, customs & courtesies, the cadet handbook, the rules and policies, and how to properly interact within the program. All tasks will be performed “by the numbers” through a high volume of drill instruction led by the cadre. It is highly structured, very intense, and physically demanding. We have a short period of time to teach the cadets everything they need to know to be successful.

SECOND STAGE (Weeks 3 thru 13)

This is when school begins. Cadets will spend 4 days  per week in classroom instruction with daily study hall periods. We use a holistic approach to ensure that every cadet is given the chance to be academically successful. There is nowhere to hide in our academic process. Cadets that fall behind are quickly identified and resources are made available to help them be successful. Service to Community (S2C) starts during white stage.  Cadets will conduct 80 hours of service with our community partners.


THIRD STAGE (Weeks 14 thru 22) 

This is when we finalize the cadets for their return to their communities. Cadets will be finishing up their academic work and extra credit. The Cadets will finish their Cadet Action Plans (CAP) and verify their placement upon graduation.  After 22 tough and demanding weeks, Blue Stage ends when the Cadets walk across the stage for graduation.



Everything you do here will be done our way and on our terms.  BCA has no tolerance for disrespect, bullying, fighting, lying, cheating, or stealing.  You will live as a team and as such you will be held accountable as a team. BCA is a privilege.


We provide the opportunity for you to change but ultimately  it is your choice if you want to change and be successful in life.  Over 175,000 youth, just like you (nationwide) chose to be successful.  Choose to succeed. When you graduate from BCA you will have significantly increased your math, reading, and English skills. You will have had the opportunity to recover high school credits or earn an educational credential. You will be a better person with more self-confidence and self-esteem. You will have a plan in place to be successful in life.  Lastly, you will discover the real you.


There are eight core components of the Bluegrass Youth ChalleNGe Program. Cadets must successfully complete all eight components to graduate from the program. The core components are designed to educate and produce youth that will become productive members of the community upon graduation.

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