Eligibility Requirements for our Program:
- 16, 17, or 18 years of age upon entry (have to be 16 years old by graduation date)
- A youth who is failing in school, no longer attending school, and has not received a high school diploma or GED
- No felony convictions
- Resident of Kentucky (non-state residents require prior approval)
- Mentally and physically capable to participate in the program
- Volunteer to attend the program
- Be free of illegal drugs (Candidates will be tested for drug use)
- Unemployed or underemployed

Directions and packing list will be forwarded after acceptance has been established to the program.

If you have any questions about filling out the application, please contact the Academy.

Application Checklist
- Copy of Official Birth Certificate (do not send original)
- Copy of Social Security Card (do not send original)
- Copy of Immunizations/Shot records (do not send original)
- Copy of Front and Back Medical Insurance cards
- Tetanus needs to be up to date
- Meningococcal booster dose (Age: 16 years) and Hep A must be current
- Copy of High School Transcript must be on hand no later than Day 15

Dental work, eye exams, and medication needs should be taken care of before coming to Kentucky Youth Challenge.

- Prescription medication will not be accepted if it is older than 30 days
- Do not send vitamins or over-the-counter medicine
- If applicant takes medication, he/she must come with a 30-day supply